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Why Use Simple Double Glazing?

It only takes around 30 seconds.

We offer free consultations and advice - there are no hidden costs! If you're not satisfied that our prices are the cheapest, then you don't have to go ahead with anything.

Speak to real, passionate people - no auto-responders, no garbage 'yes or no' answers! We are experienced in talking about double glazing windows and our staffs friendly demeanour will put you at ease.

Our house is much more energy efficient now after a visit to Simple Double Glazing! My partner and I had been finding the recent Winters increasingly difficult to cope with as our front windows were not double glazed. After filling out the online form, I expected a lengthy wait to hear back from them. Much to my delight, I received a courtesy call a few minutes later! After some discussion with an informative and down to earth young woman, I decided that we had to get double glazing before next Winter - we were so happy with the end results. Even on warm evenings, we could still feel air coming through the front room, which did make us a bit chilly, but that's now a thing of the past - thank you so much Simple Double Glazing!


Grace Ford